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A Happier, Healthier You

Look Better

From anti-aging wrinkle reduction to metabolism-boosting weight loss, achieve the look you are working hard towards by allowing your body to heal itself from the inside out.

Feel Better

Depending on what recipe you get you can either supercharge your immune system, fight off the symptoms of jet lag, or help support your body’s natural endorphins to reduce stress and improve your mood.

Perform Better

From sleep regulation, to athletic recovery, to even weight loss, there are a plethora of physical benefits that IV therapy can help you with.

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Available Treatments

Available Treatments

Pay for your treatments with pre-tax dollars

You can use your pre-tax dollars for all of our services. Please check with your individual provider before service.

See Membership & Pricing at this location.

Pay for your treatments with pre-tax dollars

You can use your pre-tax dollars for all of our services. Please check with your individual provider before service.

IV Treatments

Re-Hydrate: Soak up our ultimate hydration boost with a punch of B-vitamins, minerals & amino acids. Equivalent to drinking 2.5 gallons of water!
Athletic Performance
Athletic Performance: Say goodbye to fatigue and take control over your workouts with our energy-infused blend of B vitamins, electrolytes & amino acids.
Anti-Aging: It’s time to find your radiant, youthful glow. Reduce wrinkles by hydrating from the inside, out! You may never use pricey topical creams again.
Hangover Recovery
Hangover Recovery: Don’t waste a day on the couch after that social soirée. Quickly detoxify your liver and nix the nausea with hydrating vitamins & minerals.
Immunity Boost
Immunity Boost: No matter the season, shield yourself against illness with this powerful and effective dose of vitamin C & zinc.
The Myer’s Cocktail
The Myers'
The Myer’s Cocktail: Try our famous, nutrient-dense cocktail, designed to relieve depression, asthma, migraines, fatigue & several other disorders.
Altitude Sickness
Altitude Sickness: Erase unwanted headaches and feel yourself before summiting a mountain or shredding some slopes with the Summit Drip.
Jetlag Recovery
Jetlag Recovery: Travel fatigue is real: it weakens the immune system & dehydrates tissue. Rejuvenate with energizing vitamins & minerals.
Weight Loss
Weight Loss: Shed those extra pounds with our fat-burning blend of B vitamins, amino acids & electrolytes. You’ll be amazed at the results!
The After Burn
Sun & Heat
The After Burn: For those who love to have fun outdoors, excessive sun exposure is all too common. This drip will give you relief & revitalize your skin.

IV Treatment Boosts

Further customize your IV with a boost package!

Beauty Boost
Beauty Boost: With over 2,000 mg of glutathione, our most popular beauty drip detoxifies your body. The result? Glowing skin, fewer wrinkles & healthier hair!
Liver Detox
Liver Detox: Can’t lose weight? Hormone imbalance? Acid reflux? Flush out toxins, bolster your heart health & give your liver the TLC it needs!

Other Treatments

NAD+ Infusion
NAD+ Infusion
NAD+ Infusion: Slow down aging, boost metabolism & sustain DNA integrity with NAD+, a coenzyme responsible for your cellular function.
Cryotheraphy: In just 3-minutes, experience an “ultracold” rush of whole-body cryotherapy aimed to reduce chronic pain, repair muscles & burn calories.
Injection Therapies
Injection Therapies: If time isn’t on your side, opt for a 5-minute injection for an instant boost. Options include vitamin D, B12, B6, Biotin & more.
Personalized Biometric Supplements
Personalized Biometric Supplements: Try the most advanced at-home DNA test to identify the nutrients you need! In partnership with Rootine.
Peptides: Harness the power of peptide therapy for anti-aging, muscle growth, weight loss, mental clarity, joint injuries and more!


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Why Use IV Therapy?

Why Use IV Therapy?

It is estimated that up to 92% of the US population is either chronically dehydrated or vitamin deficient. Most people don’t even know they are dehydrated or vitamin deficient, and those who do are quite often taking supplements that don’t actually give them what they need.

When supplements are taken orally, you lose up to 80% of the vitamin’s nutritional value as it moves through your digestive tract. In order for nutrients to reach the cell and work effectively, they must be absorbed and not digested.

Our proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and IV fluids are infused directly into the bloodstream, giving your cells rapid access to the nutrients required to look, feel, and perform at your best.

Approved for Use with Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flex Savings Accounts (FSA). You can use your pre-tax dollars for all of our services. Please check with your individual provider before service.

Why Is Proper Hydration So Important To Feeling Your Best?

Water: Every Cell's Primary Nutrient

Water: Every Cell's Primary Nutrient

Water is the primary and most vital nutrient of every cell in the body. Acting first as a building material, water is fundamental to cell structure: even our bones consist of more than a third water.

Water’s adhesion properties allow it to attach easily to other things, making it the perfect transporter. This allows vital nutrients, minerals, and chemicals to get into cells for biological processes, and pull waste out of cells to the kidneys for elimination.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

Initial Consultation

It begins with a conversation with our highly trained staff. You’ll have questions and so will we. Our mission is to help you make an informed decision on treatments, and map out a plan together.

Personalized Program

Once we know your symptoms and health objectives, we’ll custom design your optimization program based on your lifestyle and specific situation, to help ensure your body has all the fuel it needs for you to achieve your goals.

Ongoing Treatments

At your own pace and on a schedule that fits your budget, we’ll work together to adjust your treatments to ensure that you become the healthiest, most energetic, and alive version of you.

Why Not Just Take Oral Vitamins and Supplements?

Absorption Percentage

Oral supplements going through your digestive tract results in only a small portion, or in some cases NONE, of the actual dosage reaching the areas of your body that need it most. IV therapy allows you to skip the digestive tract all together, resulting in 100% absorption.


Absorption Time

Not only does 100% of the IV vitamin get absorbed, you get the dosage in a compressed period of time for maximum effectiveness.

10 minutes

3-4 hours

Relax in a State-of-the-Art Massage Chair as You Receive Your Treatment

Let go of your body and your mind as you settle into your IV therapy session. Our heated head-to-toe massage chairs include percussion, kneading, vibration, tapping and rolling.

Relax, unwind and feel like your best self again.

Services & Prices

Services and Prices at Our Location

Simplify and Save With a Membership
Also see our packages

A Prime IV Membership makes it easy to stay at optimal levels of hydration and nutrient input month after month. Ask about the benefits of membership at your next appointment!

A Prime IV Membership makes it easy to stay at optimal levels of hydration and nutrient input month after month. Ask about the benefits of membership at your next appointment!

1 Primary Drip of your choice
1 B-12 or Lipolean shot
VIP Status & Massage Chair access
Oxygen Treatment
50% discount on additional additives

$174 Value
Only $94

ANY Drip of your choice
2 B-12 or Lipolean shot
VIP Status & Massage Chair access
Oxygen Treatment
15% OFF any additional drips and injections
50% discount on additional additives

$290 Value
Only $159

ANY 2 Drips of your choice
ANY 3 Injections of your choice
VIP Status & Massage Chair access
Oxygen Treatment
20% OFF any additional drips and injections
50% discount on additional additives

$545 Value
Only $299

Intravenous Therapies

Nutrients must be absorbed to function, and intravenous delivery ensures that absorption isn’t left to chance or luck. Appointment length: 45 to 60 minutes.

  • 100% absorption
  • Most IVs take just 45-60 minutes
  • High doses the body can’t absorb orally
  • No side effects or post procedure down time
  • No additional additives
  • Medically supervised facility
  • Comfortable environment
  • Long lasting results
  • Safe for any age
Add to any treatment:
Beauty Boost Beauty Boost
Liver Detox Liver Detox
Introductory Offer

First-time clients can explore the best rehydration results! Includes a FREE consult, Primary IV Infusion, plus more “VIP” perks.

Energy Boost

Refuel your body with 1000 ml of restorative IV fluids—loaded with electrolytes and methylcobalamin, a natural and bioactive form of ​vitamin B12.

Heart Health

Take charge of your cardiac health with the ultimate heart-supporting treatment—packed with electrolytes & pyridoxine, the metabolically active form of vitamin B6.

Inflammation Relief

Reduce body inflammation and reactivate blood flow with 1000 ml IV fluids, infused with electrolytes and magnesium.

Muscle Rescue

Recover from a grueling workout and get back in the gym faster with 1000 ml IV fluids, infused with electrolytes and an Amino Acid blend of three different amino acids.

Pure Hydration

Glide through a long work week with an extra dose of pure, electrolyte-charged hydration. Equivalent to drinking 2.5 gallons of water.

Skinny Drip

Our max assistance, “fat-blasting” treatment helps your body burn extra calories with vitamin B12, amino acids, and our Lipolean injection.

After Burn

Speed up your healing time after soaking up too much sun. This drip boosts energy, reduces pain and inflammation after excessive sun exposure, and nourishes your skin.


Detoxify your liver after one too many drinks and avoid the pesky “hangover aftermath” with energizing antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.


Don’t let altitude sickness drag you down. This IV drip combats throbbing headaches, fatigue, nausea, and shortness of breath.


Need that extra pep in your step for an important event? Say farewell to fatigue and feel like your most vivacious self.


When you’re a globetrotter, dehydration happens. Find deep restoration with our immune-supporting “Traveler Drip”—infused with jet-friendly vitamins and minerals.

Weekend Warrior

Designed for all athletes, this performance and recovery infusion rapidly delivers hydration, antioxidants, minerals, and more!


Consider yourself a competitive athlete, but tired of refueling with sports drinks? Optimize your performance with extra hydration, vitamins, and amino acids.


Get your youthful glow back and throw away the expensive topical creams. This drip diminishes wrinkles, dry skin, and age spots.


Don’t waste time in bed with a debilitating cold. Guard your immune system against infection with a high dose of vitamin C and zinc.


This nutrient-dense cocktail filled with vitamins, minerals, and fluids keeps your overall wellness in balance and may help with chronic health conditions.

Myers - Migraine

With the same benefits as The Myers Cocktail, this drip is clinically proven to provide quick migraine relief that is even more effective than Toradol.


Feeling the painful effects of an open bar? Nix the raging headache, nausea, and vomiting from alcohol, while healing your liver with the most nourishing vitamins!

12g Vitamin C

Leverage one of the most powerful, infection-fighting antioxidants, (12g) Vitamin C, to fight free radical damage to the skin. Stimulate deep tissue healing and collagen production!

25g Vitamin C

Leverage one of the most powerful, infection-fighting antioxidants, (25g) Vitamin C, to fight free radical damage to the skin. Stimulate deep tissue healing and collagen production!

Beauty Boost

Our “beauty from within” drip detoxifies your body and provides the essential vitamins and minerals your cells need, leading to youthful skin and healthier hair!


Injection Therapies

No time for an IV? Book a 5-minute appointment for an injection, and get on with your day. Appointment length: 5 minutes.


Get a major “mood” boost with rejuvenating vitamin B12—also known to support energy, memory, skin & hair, digestion, heart, adrenal fatigue, and more.


Activate your metabolism and burn fat with vitamin B6. Proven to also relieve muscle pain, mood swings, lethargy, depression, and more!


Also known as vitamin B7, this customer favorite promotes faster hair growth and rapidly strengthens nails.



Sharpen your mental clarity with taurine—an injection that also accelerates energy, supports heart health, and helps produce testosterone.

Vitamin C

Amino Blend

This mighty trio of amino acids improves your immune system, reduces recovery time for athletes, promotes circulation, and strengthens GI health!


This effective antioxidant reduces oxidative stress on your heart, lessens the frequency of migraines, and may improve athletic performance.



Need a libido boost? L-arginine not only revives your sex drive but preserves muscle tissue and improves circulation.


Awaken your metabolism and dominate your weight loss goals with Lipolean. Also contains a powerful blend of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Vitamin D

Ideal for those who are deficient in vitamin D, this fast-acting, effective treatment supports muscle function, brain cell activity, and immune health.


NAD+ Infusion Therapy

Repair your body from the inside out with NAD+ Infusion Therapy. NAD+ is naturally produced by your body, but as you age, production can be drastically reduced. NAD+ is important to fulfill a number of key functions like muscular movement, blood circulation, DNA repair, metabolism, energy levels, and mitochondrial function. Experience for yourself the incredible transformation NAD+ can have on your daily life. Consultation Recommended. Appointment length: 4-8 hours.

  • Anti-aging
  • DNA health and repair
  • Regulate sleep patterns
  • Aid in weight loss
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Decrease stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Increase energy
  • Improve mental clarity
  • Improve cardiovascular health

Revive cellular health with 500mg of anti-aging NAD+ infusion therapy—proven to boost overall health and energy, fight depression, improve mental clarity, sleep, and reduce effects of PTSD.


Revive cellular health and brain regeneration with 1000mg of anti-aging NAD+ infusion therapy—proven to boost overall health and energy, fight depression, and support addiction recovery.



Peptides are amino acid chains that regulate appetite, enhance sex drive, relieve pain, promote mental clarity, and more. But as we age, peptides rapidly decline. Enter Peptide Therapy—the research-backed, “must-have” wellness treatment for men and women of all ages. We naturally produce over 7,000 peptides, yet these two—Semaglutide / GLP-1 and Sermorelin—are absolutely critical for human well-being and longevity.

  • Support weight loss
  • Promote mental clarity
  • Fight signs of aging
  • Improve joint health
  • Decrease muscle pain
  • Improve skin tone & texture
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Bolster brain health
Semaglutide - 3 months

A game-changer in the fight against obesity, Semaglutide is the go-to peptide therapy to activate weight loss and see results quickly. Includes physician's consultation.

Sermorelin - 3 months

By stimulating growth hormone release from the pituitary gland, sermorelin reverses the effects of aging while increasing energy, bone strength, muscle repair, and sleep quality. Includes physician's consultation.



Complement your IV therapy with painless ultra cold cryotherapy.  Volume purchase discounts available. Appointment length: 30 minutes.

  • Relieve muscle & joint pain
  • Burn fat
  • Improve skin tone & elasticity
  • Reduce chronic pain
  • Safe and painless
  • Enhances body’s anti-inflammatory response
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Recover faster
  • Prevent injury

Personalized Biometric Supplement Line

Powered by Rootine to deliver a system that determines your exact nutrients needs, based on how your body absorbs, distributes, metabolizes, and excretes vital nutrients. This is the science of nutrigenetics and it will change your life.

  • Detailed Biometric Reporting
  • Determine your precise nutrient needs
  • Precision doses based on genetic data
  • Algorithm auto-adjusts formula over time
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Get Optimal Results With a Package

Vitamin C Infusions
  • 5 doses of 12,000 MG - $675
  • 5 doses of 25,000 MG - $999

Studies have shown that HIGH doses of vitamin C may have the following benefits:

  • Reduce symptoms of chronic disease
  • Higher production of collagen
  • Keeping your immune system performing at its maximum potential
  • Better absorption of iron
Glutathione Beauty Boost IV Pushes
  • 10 doses of glutathione - $950

In our early 40s, our body stops producing enough glutathione to keep our skin looking youthful. Glutathione in high doses has been shown to brighten your skin tone and reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and sun spots. High dose glutathione can also be an amazing overall detox for your body.

  • Glow-booster for skin
  • Reduces hyper-pigmentation
  • Promotes cellular repair
  • Flushes out toxins & free radicals
NAD+ Infusions
  • 4 doses of 500 MG - $1,920
  • 4 doses of 1000 MG - $2,640

NAD+ IV therapy is used to dramatically slow the progression of aging, leading to a healthier and younger-looking you. Studies show that chronic stress, anxiety, and depression can cause your NAD+ levels in your body to prematurely deplete, causing sleep disturbances, cognitive impairments, and worsening mood problems.

  • Improve focus & mental clarity
  • Protect against degenerative disease
  • Alternative to addiction treatment
  • Avoid medication side-effects
Multi-Injection Packs
  • Any 4 injections - $130
  • Any 8 injections - $240
  • Any 12 injections - $285

Looking to save money and make your own customized treatment bundle? Perhaps you need a metabolism, weight loss, energy, and hangover IV drip treatment! Whatever your body needs, we have you covered. Plus our Multiple-Injection pack is more affordable than buying the same in single drips.

  • Feel the results immediately
  • Focus on your wellness goals
  • 100% absorption & complete rehydration
  • Target nutrition deficiencies


Relief From Autoimmune Fatigue
“It was recommended by a doctor over in Orlando. The thought of coming in and getting a needle stuck in my arm wasn’t pleasant, but I’ve changed my mind. It hasn’t been bad at all.”
Faster Recovery from MMA Workouts
“I was looking to supplement my workout regimen. I really noticed that my recovery time is a lot better. My ability to train and roll has been really improved.”
Energy To Get Back to The Gym
“[Prime IV] gives me energy… it helped me get back into the gym after not going for several months. With my membership I also get the benefit of the medical grade oxygen and the massage chair. I’ve been telling everyone to come here.”
I Love the Massage Chairs!
“I love the massage chairs. I canceled my spa appointments! I recommend people to come here, whether it’s for weight loss, hydrating, a long night of drinking or too much time in the sun.”
Better Recovery, Mood, and Appetite
“Afterwards, I’ve felt amazing: recovery-wise, mood-wise, and appetite. The effects take place immediately, and for someone who takes a lot of medication, it’s a lot easier on the body…especially on the stomach.”
Absorb More Nutrients
“[I have a] background in public health, and I can definitely say that through IV therapy you’re going to get a lot more benefit getting it through an IV, as opposed to taking something orally. There’s a huge benefit as to what your body absorbs.”

Frequently Asked Questions


Let’s walk you through the educational and scientific details you may need.

What type of people are administering the treatments?

We only employ licensed medical professionals that work directly under a physician or nurse practitioner. This varies by state, but there is always a Paramedic or Registered Nurse (RN) on staff at all times.

Are there preservatives in your vitamins?

We only have vitamins with a hypoallergenic and safe preservative called Benzyl Alcohol, which is found in naturally-occurring plant products. This is not one of the harsh preservatives that cause reactions.

Are your vitamins vegan-friendly?

Yes, our vitamins are vegan-friendly, apart from Vitamin D which can be sourced from beeswax.

Can’t find your answer?

Give us a call!