Hospitals used to be the only place you could get IV drip therapy. Things have changed drastically, and now many people choose to get their vitamins, antioxidants, and medications from mobile IV therapies and various IV therapy spas that have popped up around cities throughout the United States.

IV therapy is increasingly popular for a reason. It allows you to get a vitamin and mineral infusion directly into the bloodstream, which helps the body absorb the nutrients because it bypasses the digestive system.

Today we will look at the five best IV therapy centers in the South Jordan, UT area. 

Let’s dive in!

Best IV Therapy in South Jordan, UT

Prime IV Hydration & Wellness at The District

Prime IV Hydration & Wellness is your best overall clinic for IV therapy infusions in South Jordan, Utah. You can choose from a signature blend or customize your IV infusion to feel better, look better, or perform better. We offer a wide variety of specially formulated IV therapy solutions for specific client needs.

Our IV therapies range in price from $85-$200. While most of our infusions are under $200, we offer specialty IV solutions such as high-dose Vitamin CNAD+, and The Myers. You can also add boosters and additional nutrients to customize your IV infusion.

Prime IV distinguishes itself from the competitors with its knowledge, attentiveness, and extras like its heated head-to-toe massage chair and cozy, tranquil VIP lounge. The employees are really kind and knowledgeable. Your first appointment begins with a consultation during which their specialists create a custom strategy to assist you in reaching your health objectives. You are never just another face at Prime IV. The Prime IV crew will be familiar with you by name and will comprehend your objectives and the reasons behind them.

Prime IV is better positioned to guarantee that your body receives the assistance and fuel it needs to function at its peak thanks to one of the most comprehensive menus of IV recipes and the capacity to create a personalized formula based on your genetic composition, needs, and goals.

The most popular recipes Prime IV offers are for the following:

  • Hydration
  • Mood optimization
  • Fatigue
  • Athletic performance
  • Anti-aging
  • Hangover recovery
  • Weight loss
  • Cold & Flu Immunity Booster
  • Muscle Pain

Run out of time? Additionally, Prime IV Hydration & Wellness offers power IV solutions that provide a concentrated infusion and significantly shorten the length of your appointment by fifteen to twenty-five minutes.

Prime IV’s flexible membership plans allow you to customize a membership that works for your lifestyle. The membership includes:

  • Monthly drip therapy
  • Injections
  • VIP Lounge access
  • Rollover sessions when you can’t make it in
  • Unlimited discounts on other services.

Membership options range in price from $94-$299 a month, making them one of the most affordable IV therapy plans.

Why we recommend Prime IV Hydration & Wellness

  • Wide selection of IV infusions
  • Spa experience in their VIP Lounge
  • DNA-based personalized infusions
  • Specialty IV infusion options and boosters
  • Flexible memberships
  • Expert and friendly medical staff
  • Excellent pricing
  • Clean, professional environment
  • Extra amenities
Prime IV Hydration & Wellness Location Offer

G.O.A.T Athletic Spa

G.O.A.T Athletic Spa is focused on the athlete and their performance. Not only do they offer IV Hydration Therapy, but they also offer a slew of other services, including botox, laser hair removal, hair restoration, teeth whitening, and much more.

Headed by the medical director, Shea N., there is a solid team consisting of a nurse practitioner, a registered nurse, an esthetician, and a spa manager. 

In the beginning, the founders created G.O.A.T. Haircuts originally as a place where guys could feel comfortable and leave looking their best. 

Then they created G.O.A.T. Athletic Spa as a natural extension of this same vision.

IV Therapy Menu

G.O.A.T. Athletic Spa offers six different formulations for their clients:

  1. Lean Mean Machine
  2. Mental Focus
  3. Immunity Defense
  4. The Athlete
  5. The Hangover
  6. Myer’s Cocktail


The G.O.A.T Athletic Spa’s pricing seems to be reasonable, with each of its IV therapy treatments coming in at $150 per session.

To book an appointment or contact G.O.A.T. Athletic Spa visit their about page or call them during their business hours Monday through Friday.

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Modwella Mobile IV and Lab Services

Modwella provides world-class mobile IV therapy to the South Jordan, UT area and beyond. They are known as Utah’s leading mobile IV company that offers a large selection of formulas – each designed to treat a unique set of concerns – we’re helping individuals across Utah unlock their healthiest, most hydrated selves. 

IV Therapy Menu

Below is a list of Modwella’s IV therapy solutions to help you feel your best:

  • Myers cocktail (revive)
  • Hangover
  • Immunity
  • Fatburner
  • Beauty
  • Recovery
  • Antioxident
  • Migrane
  • Gut Bug
  • Hydrate
  • PMS

You can request a booking using their convenient online booking tool.

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iCRYO Cryotherapy + iV Therapy + Body Sculpting

iCRYO is a large franchise located in ten states currently and expanding as we write this blog. iCRYO offers affordable and convenient therapies, including whole-body cryotherapy, iv therapy, compression therapy, red light therapy, local cryotherapy, and body sculpting.

IV Infusion Menu

  • IV InfusionsImmunity – designed to boost your immune system
  • Myers Pro – this fantastic brew helps with headaches, allergies, cold symptoms, allergies, and much more
  • Beautify – Helps to promote the beauty of your skin, hair, and nails
  • #Illneverdrinkagain – as you can guess, this super cocktail will help you feel better after a big night of partying. 

Infusion Boosters 

  • B12 for helping to boost your mood
  • Zinc for reducing inflammation
  • Taurine for lowering blood pressure
  • Vitamin C for the growth of collagen
  • Toradol is used to reduce pain
  • Alpha-lipoic for weight loss

iCryo has a membership app that can be downloaded to your smartphone so that you can book and cancel appointments easily. All of your information is stored on the app, and as you return for more and more visits, iCryo has a rewards and loyalty program that benefits everyone using the app.

iCryo has one of the largest selections of cocktails we’ve seen and can offer pretty much anything to anyone who wants to increase their overall health and wellness.

Inspire Health Clinic

At Inspire Health Clinics, they are focused on providing comprehensive care with the whole body in mind. They offer a full spectrum of health and wellness infusion therapies to help you look and feel your best. 

Inspire Health Clinics to use family nurse practitioners to administer the fluids through an IV drip.

IV Infusion Menu

  • BONE BUILDER Infusion
  • HYDRATION Infusion
  • MYERS RENEWAL Infusion
  • NAD+ Infusion
  • NERVE RENEWAL Infusion
  • RESTORE Infusion
  • SLIM & TRIM Infusion

Trish Evans is the nurse practitioner who is in charge of doing the IV therapy treatments. 

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Is IV Therapy Right For You?

Prime IV Hydration & Wellness Location Offer

If IV Therapy is still a new concept to you and you are trying to make a decision, let one of our professional staff determine the right treatment for you.  

It is ultimately your choice as to which provider you use, but we would love to have you as part of our family!

Contact Prime IV Hydration and Wellness in South Jordan, UT, today for more information and a free consultation!