Wegovy is a unique medication that provides plenty of benefits. When using it, people have an easier time managing their blood sugar and weight. 

However, what happens if you stop taking Wegovy? Does your blood sugar return to normal? Do you gain back the weight that you lost? 

This article will explore all aspects of this. After reading it, you will understand what happens when you stop taking Wegovy. 

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Effects of Stopping the Medication

The most significant and obvious thing that will happen if you stop taking Wegovy is that the benefits it provides will stop. After all, you wouldn’t expect the benefits of a medication to last forever, even after you stop taking it. This is true with many types of medications, injections, and IV therapy treatments

Rise in Blood Sugar

Wegovy has a direct effect on the amount of glucose in your blood. While on it, it reduces blood sugar. However, after you stop taking it, your blood sugar returns to its normal levels. If your blood sugar is outside normal levels, it will likely return to those levels. It usually takes around a week for this change to take place. 

If you have diabetes, this means a return of all the problems that come with high blood sugar. These can include blurry vision, fatigue, excessive thirst, and more. Typically, these problems will be about as severe as they were before. 

To manage this, finding another way to control your blood sugar is important. Traditional approaches, like using insulin, are another way to go. However, be sure to work with your doctor on this. Suddenly stopping one medication and starting another can produce some uncomfortable results. Talk to your doctor about your situation to see what medication they recommend and when they recommend starting it. 

Return of Appetite

When you stop taking Wegovy, you will also notice the return of your appetite. Wegovy actively suppresses your appetite and helps curb your desire for food. Without it, these benefits are no longer present; thus, your appetite returns. 

For many, this leads to weight gain. Many people end up gaining back a large percentage of or even all of the weight they lost while on Wegovy. While it appears to be rare to gain more weight, this is also possible

The time it takes for this to happen ranges. In most cases, it takes a few years. Around 50% of users gain back the weight they lose within 2-3 years. However, some people take over five years. 

To prevent this, it is important to pair Wegovy with other weight loss methods. Regular exercise and sticking to a well-developed diet are effective methods. In addition, other treatments, like IV weight loss treatments, exist. Finding and sticking to an alternative weight loss method makes it possible to keep the weight lost while on Wegovy from returning. 

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Side Effects Go Away

When you stop taking Wegovy, you no longer get to take advantage of the benefits it provides. However, it isn’t all bad. You also get to miss out on the negative side effects that come with the medication. 

Because of how it impacts your stomach and overall digestive system, Wegovy is known for potentially causing stomach issues. For some, the nausea it creates is so intense that they cannot stay on it, no matter what benefits it provides. For others, headaches are a concern while taking it. 

In many cases, the side effects of Wegovy disappear almost immediately after stopping the medication. In others, they slowly dissipate over time. In either case, problems caused by Wegovy are a thing of the past. 


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Do You Need to Stay on Wegovy Forever to Keep the Benefits? 

The only way to continuously capture the benefits provided by Wegovy is to keep taking it. Wegovy is designed to be a long-term solution to the problems it fights against. So, you will need to take it for a long time. 

Unfortunately, this does mean that you have to keep taking Wegovy forever. Only by doing so can you keep taking advantage of what it provides. 

The only way this isn’t the case is if you seek out other methods that provide similar benefits. For example, you might want to use insulin to control blood sugar and a diet to control weight. You can also try another positive IV therapy. Through methods like these, you can get the benefits without actually taking or staying on Wegovy. 

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Can You Start Taking Wegovy After You Stop? 

If you stop taking Wegovy, you may end up wanting to go back on it. You may find it was your best option to get what it provides. You may also find that you are in a different situation now and feel better about taking it. Whatever the case, some people end up going back to Wegovy after they stopped taking it. 

So, is this safe? The answer is yes. However, doing so comes with a few conditions that you need to keep in mind. 

Restarting Wegovy means restarting the entire process. This means starting at a lower dosage and increasing the dosage as needed. You can’t simply jump back into the same dose you were taking before. 

This is because the side effects would be more intense. Jumping right into a high dose of Wegovy could leave you with a severe headache or severe nausea. It would essentially be like jumping into a high dose without any experience with the medication. 

Because of this, it is best to return to Wegovy in a slow and controlled way. Work with your doctor to find out a plan that will work for you. 

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What Happens When You Stop Taking Wegovy? 

When you stop taking Wegovy, you lose the benefits it provides and the side effects. However, you can start back up again if you choose to. Being aware of all of this can help guide you in deciding whether to take Wegovy, whether to stop taking it, or whether to start taking it once again. As always, just make sure to work with your doctor to see that the decision you make is what is best for you. 

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