Lift your libido! Up to 8% of men experience low libido, even after taking Viagra and other prescriptions. Some people are okay with having a low sex drive, but other people feel agitated and scared. 

Do not panic if you notice your libido is dropping. The key to fixing the issue is to figure out how to increase male libido supplements. You can take pills, but you can also try a natural men’s libido booster. Here are your best options for a libido enhancer for men you can use immediately.

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Peptide Therapy

Peptides are natural amino acids that help your body develop proteins and create hormones. Sermorelin is a popular peptide used to boost men’s libido, as it stimulates the production of human growth hormone. The peptide can also increase muscle mass and reduce body fat, making sex easier. You can also take BPC-157, a peptide that can heal damaged muscles and joints after sex.

During a peptide therapy session, a doctor can inject peptides into your arm, allowing them to circulate through your bloodstream into your pituitary gland. Peptide injections are affordable, easy to administer, and do not create substantial side effects. You can also combine peptides with other substances, such as vitamins, to treat several health problems simultaneously. 

The cost of peptide therapy can cost as low as a few hundred dollars. You can cut your expenses by visiting a few therapists and comparing their services together. 

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Yohimbe is a tree from Western Africa. Western African communities have used yohimbe bark to treat low libido in men for thousands of years. 

Yohimbine is a chemical derived from yohimbe bark. A 2021 meta-analysis of eight studies found that yohimbine alone and combined with other substances improved erectile dysfunction and libido in men. The chemical can increase blood flow to your reproductive organs and mitigate the side effects of antidepressants, which can result in a lack of libido. 

Yohimbine is an ingredient in prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction and dietary supplements. Read the labels of any drug or supplement you buy, as the yohimbine may be in small amounts or low quality. Look for yohimbine products that have undergone third-party testing and contain actual bark in them. 

Tinctures made from yohimbe bark are available from online retailers and health stores. The bark tastes bitter, so you may want to mix the tincture with sweet fruit juice or water. You can also purchase yohimbe bark tea, though you may want to add milk or sugar to it to offset the taste.

Side effects of using yohimbe or yohimbine include nausea, hypertension, and tremors. Talk to your physician before consuming it, and try to find it in small amounts. Drink plenty of water to hydrate yourself and relieve any stomach distress you may have.

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a collection of fruit



Many fruits contain amino acids, proteins, and other nutrients that can bolster your sexual health. Citrulline is an amino acid that helps your body break down nitric oxide, allowing you to achieve and keep an erection. You can find high amounts of citrulline in watermelon.

Potassium supports testosterone production, the main hormone affecting libido rates. Bananas are the most popular food with high potassium, but you can also have dried apricots and avocados. 

Figs are traditional aphrodisiacs because they contain amino acids that support sperm production. They also have a strong flavor and a sexual appearance, so they’re good choices if you want a libido booster for men you can use in bed. 

The juicing process removes essential nutrients in fruit, so avoid drinking fruit juice. You should also avoid eating cooked fruit, as high heat can damage or burn away nutrients. If you don’t like the taste of certain fruits, you can combine them with iced tea and make smoothies with them. 

Dried fruit is okay to eat in small amounts, especially if you combine them with nuts that have healthy proteins and unsaturated fats. But dried fruit can spike your blood sugar, making it hard to achieve an erection. 

Avoid drinking wine or alcoholic beverages made with fruit in them. Some people find that drinking a glass of wine can calm them down, but alcohol can impair their ability to achieve an erection or orgasm. 

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High-Quality Sleep

If you have low libido for no apparent reason, you may not be getting enough sleep. A 2018 study found a significant connection between sleep quality and sexual function. The worse someone slept, the more likely they were to experience low libido. 

Sleep allows your body to rest and make the hormones you need for sex. Get at least eight hours of sleep every night and stay asleep during the night. Waking up sometime during the night to use the bathroom can disrupt your body’s hormone production. Do not drink water an hour before going to bed, and avoid consuming any caffeine for at least six hours before bedtime. 

If you have trouble falling asleep, you should perform a winddown activity. You can read, write in a journal, do a light exercise, or meditate. Do not look at a computer or phone screen; screens create bright, blue light that your brain can interpret as sunlight, causing you to stay up later. It’s okay to have an electronic clock in your room, but turn it so it is not directly facing your bed. 

If you’re trying to have sex, you should ease your way into it. Hug, massage, and kiss your partner while in bed. Talk to them and establish an emotional connection that can help you feel aroused. If you’re too tired for sex or foreplay, go to bed with your partner, holding them to connect to them physically. 

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